HPE MSA 2042

HPE MSA 2042

HPE is already the industry’s leading entry SAN array in both market share and performance, the new HPE MSA 2042 comes with a built-in flash acceleration and enterprise data services right out of the box.
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The natural affinity of the HPE MSA storage and HPE ProLiant Servers have helped HPE to consistently remain at the front of the entry storage pack.

HPE MSA 2042 is the newest member of the family, it takes the HPE MSA 2040 and builds in two 400GB SSDs, also includes the new Advanced Data Services Suite with the following capabilities:

  • Provides support for 512 snapshots
  • It has remote snapshot replication
  • Performance Tiering capability

The last feature on the list is really interesting. Performance Tiering is now included at no extras charge; this means that you can use the system’s built-in flash capacity not only for Read Caching but also for general application acceleration – without having to spend another penny. Including the two SSDs plus all of these other software features, MSA customers are saving an extraordinary 54% with this new model.

HPE MSA 2042 flash storage

Advanced Data services is another thing to keep in mind, as this is in addition to all the other advanced storage virtualisation features which are offered by the MSA this includes SSD Read Caching, thin provisioning, wide striping, large pool support and redirect-on-write snapshots.

Read cache vs. Performance Tiering

To get some hard data, HPE had Demartek lab test the MSA 2042 against the same configuration although without the built-in flash and here are the results of the testing:Demarktek results chart for HPE MSA 2042

  • Performance Tiering Results for MSA 2042:Database transactions per second: +60%
    • Latency: 11x improvement
    • Throughput: 4.6x improvement
    • IOPS: 4.5x improvement


  • Read Caching Results for MSA 2042:
    • Database transactions per second: +35%
    • Latency: 4.5x improvement
    • Throughput: 2.5x improvement
    • IOPS: 3x improvement


You need to keep in mind that these numbers for Read Caching and Performance Tiering are comparing the MSA 2042 against the same system although without the 800GB of flash which now comes standard.

Since using the SSD capacity for the read caching which mainly accelerates application reads, most customers will probably find that enabling the performance Tiering on the new MSA 2042 array returns the best performance results, although of course there might be some very read-intensive work loads which is when read caching is the way to go.

Most important thing to remember is that with both options and the flash now standard you have a choice for accelerating your apps which are based on the workload patterns without being limited by the software which you have installed.

To conclude, it is important to remember that in addition to the new MSA 2042, the new inclusive software pricing also gives the existing HPE MSA 2040 customers the option to add SSD capacity and the Advance Data Services Software Suite to an existing system. This means you can achieve the same performance levels on the MSA 2042 for 40% less than what it would have cost previously. Remember not only do you get two choices for accelerating application workloads, also the existing MSA customers can benefit from what the little flash can do!

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HP to release: HP Elite x3

HP to release: HP Elite x3

HP are pleased to announce the availability of the HP Elite x3 with Windows 10 mobile. It is an evolution in the world of mobile computing to address an evolution in the workplace.

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The definition of workplace has changed for many employees. It is no longer an office to where you commute too everyday but wherever you happen to be. Employees want the technology to be simple to use, which will let them do their best work from almost any location.

“There is a massive shift towards mobility in the workplace and the convergence of mobility and computing will accelerate business productivity, work is less of a place that you go to and more of a thing that you do anywhere and anytime.” Said Dion Weisler, president and CEO for HP Inc.

 “HP is reinventing mobility so our customers can keep reinventing how they operate, ideate and create what matters to them.”

HP Elite x3 is the world’s first 3-in-1 handheld device which has been built for business, that combines the power and productivity of a PC, the capabilities of a premium smartphone and the portability of a tablet. This is one device which covers it all.hp elite x3

“The Elite x3 is something grander than a mobile phone or a tablet this is the next generation of computing designed specifically for business. This is the future of computing.” Explained by Dion Weisler.

The HP Elite x3 and Windows continuum, means mobile professionals like sales reps can stay away from the hassle of switching devices. They can start a task on the go and then finish the task once they are back at their desks without having to save, sync or restart.

“We think that the Elite x3 is the next generation of what computing will be because in the world we live in everyone is mobile, it’s a working device for the needs of the commercial business users and it takes the ability to move from business level PC performance to mobile base productivity in a way that has never been done before because this is not just a phone it’s really a next generation computing device.” Said by Michael Park, Vice President for commercial mobility and software at HP Inc.

You can dock your HP Elite x3, so that you can work with a larger display, keyboard and a mouse for your convenience.hp elite x3

“You have got the power of the PC literally in your pocket and with the accessories we have designed, you can bring it to any place that you work in the office in the desktop world, with a laptop in a mobile environment with all the flexibility of having everything you need from one device and that’s great for the end user, it’s also great for IT. We think the Elite x3 is going to transform the way lots of people working.” Explained by Michael Park.

For an IT business, like ServerLink, the HP Elite x3 offers a windows alternative that spans across desktop and mobile employees, and leverages the It’s familiarity with Microsoft technology. Deployed to all or a section of employees, this is a solution that can reduce the device and operating system footprint to gain better return on the IT investment.

The HP Elite x3 incorporates enterprises grade on three different levels:

  1. Qualcomm security layer from the silicon up
  2. Microsoft security at the operating system level
  3. Dual bio metrics which is Iris scanner and fingerprint reader

Unlike the common smartphones, the HP Elite x3 was built for business and is engineered to endure. HP Elite x3 is water resistant and dust resistant. With its dual SIM for option of a roaming SIM for when you are traveling. The processor in the HP Elite x3 is the Qualcomm Snap dragon 820 (2.15gb, 4 cores).

“Business users are constantly on the move and they need their mobile devices to keep up and handle the work load, rather than slowing them down and since they are pushing their devices hard they need something much more power efficient so that they will last as long as they do. Snap dragon 820 is ideal for business users because it addresses the security and the usability expectations of the enterprise.” Explained by Steve Mallenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm Inc.snapdragon processor from qualcomm

“We have a strong relationship with HP that’s the result of many years of working together to provide the best possible performance and experience for their user’s collaboration on the HP Elite x3 is more of a manifestation of shared vision of bringing PC like performance and experience to HP’s mobile consumer.”

The HP Elite x3 has seamless productivity, when it is docked it uses Microsoft continuum to be able to enable your employees to start a task on the go and then to finish it once they are at their desk without saving, syncing or restarting and you will be able to work with a larger display, keyboard and mouse. It removes all the problems of switching between devices.

Using the HP Elite x3 you can virtualise business critical windows x64 and x86 apps which you can rely on to get the job completed. A service from HP which is available, offers IT Companies like ServerLink, an easy alternative for deploying and managing corporate licensed apps and which includes analytics.

“HP and Microsoft work together every day to delight customers around the world with HP’s incredible hardware and Windows 10. The new HP Elite x3 brings to life a vision for the future of computing where continuum enables true mobility of experience in your phone can give the full power of your PC when you dock to that larger screen you are fully productive with continuum as part of Windows 10 on the HP Elite x3 together HP and Microsoft are really building Windows 10 for business offering our customers security and manageability power performance everything they need to run their business. We are so excited and proud to now have the HP Elite x3 as part of our productivity.”   Discussed by Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President at Microsoft.

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