HP Recalls 6 Million Laptop Cables Because They Could Start Fires

hpUS Consumer Safety Product Commission have issued an alert ( which has also been confirmed by HP ) that if you are using a laptop with a cable marked LS-15 that they are considered potential fire hazards.

The part of the cable to check is the part that connects the power brick to the wall if it is marked LS-15 you may need to get this replaced. Not all cables marked with this are a fire hazard but it been reported that there is about 6 million in circulation that are at fault.

HP claims that 5,577,000 of the cables were sold in the US and 446,700 were sold in Canada. But HP did not rule out the possibility that some were sold in the UK, saying that it was a “worldwide” recall.
HP are replacing all the affected cables free of charge so if your cable looks like the one belo
w please click on this link to find out if you are due a replacement.

official HP recall page


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