Hotplugs – Now in the Cloud

Hotplugs UK have been working hard to launch our new cloud services which have already been very successful.  Our systems the latest in HP Proliant technology and is extremely resilient to data loss with a huge focus on redundancy.

We have focused on storage from the very beginning and with the rapid decline in Tape storage demand, D2D and cloud based services are slowly taking over.

Traditionally tapes have been the most popular way for businesses to backup their data, but that technology has become outdated. If your business is still using tapes for data backup then we can help you.  Our cloud backup services will not only save you on backup costs, they will also add reliability, security and ease of use.

HP Ultrium Tape Drives are still available from us and of course we will be able offer the LTO6 range which is due for release this year.

We hope to offer a free trial for new customers interested in moving away from the now outdated mechanical tape drives.  Hotplugs offer a wide range of cloud computing services including office virtualisation.