Happy New Year!

Now that 2011 is finally over we have another year ahead of exciting changes in technology and we have been working hard I can tell you!  Our team has worked over Christmas to update our Hotplugs web store and also finalise a system that has enabled us to expand our product portfolio and stay on top of today’s market prices which let’s be honest are all over the place at the moment!

Last month we posted information about the hard drive shortage due to the floods in Thailand. Western Digital have apparently started production but the back log will most probably see prices increase until around June.  We have had so many calls over December and now we finding a lot of customers are asking us to source HP Renew, refurb etc to keep upgrades within a reasonable budget.  Although we mainly deal in new retail products our supply chain enables us to source over 200,000 different products including renew, spares and open box.  These items are only sourced on request, you will not find these on www.hotplugs.co.uk so please call us on 0208 123 6164

Next month we will be opening up our cloud services at long last!  This has been kept fairly quiet as our cloud hardware is quite special to say the least.  We have been working hard to provide cloud computing with an outstanding level of resilience and speed that enable us to provide a better service than some of the big boys in this industry.  If you are considering virtualising your server or even your entire office you need to speak to us before making any quick decisions to sign up with the usual names!

On behalf on the Hotplugs UK team – Thank you for all of your support and we hope 2012 is a fantastic year for you.