Hard Drive shortage due to the recent flooding in Thailand.

In early October Thailand saw the start of the worst flooding the country has ever seen.  This natural disaster has killed hundreds of people and as a result many manufacturing plants have had to close causing a global shortage on many parts including hard drives.

December has arrived and Western Digital are still not able to produce hard drives which has caused a dramatic price increase on the remaining stock.  It is still unclear as to when drive production will be back to normal.  Hotplugs UK are following this on a daily basis.

We managed to secure stock on the most popular run rate products such as 300gb SFF drives for HP Proliant.  Over the last week we have seen prices double on certain parts.

There has been a small rise in the sale of SSD units but this technology is still very expensive and still isn’t the preferred choice for many HP Proliant users.

Hotplugs will do everything we can to keep our prices in line and affordable.  You will find that many web stores are not showing the correct price or do not actually have any stock available.   During these times it best to call us direct to check the price and availabilty before you place your order.   We hope everything is back to normal soon, stay tuned!