HP Z2 Mini Workstation

HP Z2 Mini Workstation

HP Z2 Mini Workstation is completely what the name tells you as it is a tiny workstation which looks like a thin client more than a full-fledged workstation. Although, make no mistake that despite the small size, Z2 mini is still completely packed with everything that most creative and design professionals need. Inside the Z2 case you will find an NVIDIA Quadro M620-class GPU and a HP Z turbo PCIe SSD.

However, for those who need more local storage, then there is also a standard 2.5? SATA bay which can house a hard drive or potentially a second SSD if it is required. As well as this, those who require visual performance, the Z2 can drive up to six displays.

Major businesses needs are clearly addressed by Z2 mini, which means it can deliver a high-end computing experience in some space-constrained environments. If you take collaborative work spaces for example at 10% of the size of an original HP desktop, the Z2 mini will be a lot more welcome. With all this in mind, HP have invested massively in the acoustics to make sure that when under a load, the Z2 will be able to keep to itself.

To help increase the flexibility in mounting, HP will be offering a VESA sleeve mount which means the Z2 can be positioned under a desk or even behind the monitor, to free up desk space.


With two fans and heat sinks ensure that the HP Z2 mini will be quiet even under a heavy load. Even saying that that the Z2 mini has a handful of connectivity is putting it rather basic as it has even more ports then some of the full-sized desktops.

If you look at the rear of the device this is where you will find the majority of connectivity. On the rear of the device you will be able to see; two USB 3.0 ports, four display ports, RJ45 LAN port, the DC power input, two USB-C ports and a legacy serial port. Along side all these ports you will also be able to find a security slot, the cover latch and an HDD LED status light.

There is no need to breakout the screwdriver as the cover comes off easily. Just underneath the cover there are two fans and a 2.5? HDD. Although you might think that the hard drive might seem a little dated , HP have included it purely for additional storage capacity. HP Z Turbo PCIe SSD is the main boot drive. You can fold down the two larger fans to get access to the DRAM, again you will require no tools.

Z2 Mini comes with multiple mounting options. As it is small you can place it easily on a desk, however if the desk is already full you can use the mini just as easily without taking up any space. The Z2 can easily be attached to the on to the monitor stands. However, if a user uses display arms instead of a monitor stand, the z2 mini rubber feet can be removed and it can be attached between the display arm and the monitor.

Users can also add the security sleeve to enable them to mount the mini under the desk. This sleeve allows for a padlock loop so there is one level of protection as well as this the sleeve can be used to block the side USB ports to keep others from popping in a USB drive and either removing or adding a file to the mini.

Here are just some Pros and Cons about Z2 Mini Workstation:

  • Pros

    1) Small footprint with multiple creative mounting options
    2) Affordable Pricing, even when fully decked out
    3) Outperformed larger workstations on some benchmarks

  • Cons

    1) Only one dedicated graphics card option

Overall, the HP Z2 Mini will solve all the issues getting power into a workstation without taking up to much space on a desk or in the ever-shrinking cubicles. There is no sacrificing performance for the size, the Z2 Mini is packed with two drives; PCIe SSD and an added 2.5? drive either HDD or SSD, up to 32GB of RAM and NVIDIA Quadro M620-class GPU. The Mini is capable of supporting up to six displays, which is perfect if you work in a financial industry.  Alongside all of this the Z2 has a small footprint and it also comes with multiple mounting options which can include under the desk, off the back of the monitor stand and interestingly on the display arms in between the arm and the back of the monitor.

Users will find that the Z2 Mini is very impressive in both performance and design. This system has everything needed to complete most tasks, even those tasks which are GPU-intensive, while also managing to make very few sacrifices. There have been many cases where larger desktops will need extension slots, more aggressive GPUs and much more, however these particular cases are decreasing. HP have successfully convinced users that the majority of PC CAD/design which uses cases can be transitioned into the Z2 mini workstation. This is by far the most interesting workstation in terms of uniqueness and feature sets.

Finally, the Hp Z2 mini is a small workstation which can not only keep up with the big dogs but can also pass them.


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Intel Xeon Processor family preparing for two new additions

Intel Xeon Processor family preparing for two new additions

Recently the Intel Xeon family of processors having been dominating the Top500 list for November 2016. In the most recent Top500 list, Intel holds over 92% of the market share. Intel are extending on this lead by launching the new Xeon E5-2699A V4. They have also been showing off Skylake-EP.

The Intel Xeon E5-2699A V4 is mentioned to be a higher-clocked (200MHz) version of the recently released version of the Intel Xeon E5-2699 V4 which had been released in March 2016. The clock speed increase, will in turn give an increase in HPC performance.

As well as recently announcing the Intel Xeon E5-2699A V4, Intel has also released more information on the Skylake-EP. Intel have said they are mid-2017 for availability. They are also acclaiming that the new architecture will have included AVX-512 instructions.

Intel Xeon Processorintel-skylake-cpu








Below is a comparison table of ten Intel Xeon E5 processors

SKU Name Cores/Threads Base Clock L3 Cache (LLC) TDP
Intel Xeon E5-2699A V4 22/44 2.4 GHz 55 MB 145W
Intel Xeon E5-2699 V4 22/44 2.2 GHz 55 MB 145W
Intel Xeon E5-2698 V4 20/40 2.2 GHz 50 MB 135W
Intel Xeon E5-2697A V4 16/32 2.6 GHz 40 MB 145W
Intel Xeon E5-2697 V4 18/36 2.3 GHz 45 MB 145W
Intel Xeon E5-2695 V4 18/36 2.1 GHz 45 MB 120W
Intel Xeon E5-2696 V4 22/44 2.1 GHz 55 MB 150W
Intel Xeon E5-2690 V4 14/28 2.6 GHz 35 MB 135W
Intel Xeon E5-2687W V4 12/24 3.0 GHz 30 MB 160W
Intel Xeon E5-2683 V4 16/32 2.1 GHz 40 MB 120W

For more information on the Intel Xeon E5-2699A v4 processor and Intel Xeon Skylake EP speak to our sales team today!

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Microsoft price increase

Microsoft price increase

Many partners of Microsoft are not surprised by the vendor’s choice to raise their prices, some have claimed that they been warning customers about possible price increases, since the vote to leave the EU had taken place.

Microsoft announced the prices raising on their blog, by saying that the UK cloud enterprises prices will be increased by 22% from the 1st January, also on-premise prices will increase by 13%. All of this is due to decreasing value of the sterling, which has decreased by 18% since June 2016.

Microsoft Office Building

According to Mike Bacon a Managing Director of a partner company of Microsoft, the rise will have a limited amount of impact on the VAR, this is because the increases were expected.

He explained “Microsoft have held back for longer than some of the other US vendors.”

Mr Bacon also added “It makes no difference to us because we have been telling customers for six to eight weeks to expect prices to increase everywhere. We have been telling them that where they have committed to buy, they should bring it forward if they can.”

Michael Cornford from Data Driven Systems, has echoed the opinion although he argued that the price increase is far higher than it needs to be.

“It doesn’t surprise me because it happens quite regularly, I think that the price rises are way over inflation and the Brexit issues. Sterling has fallen 18% for now, but I doubt that when it comes back Microsoft are going to lower their prices” He said.

This is the latest in a string of prices rises following Brexit, which includes HP who have increased prices by 10% and Dell who have been rising prices by 8% to 9%.

Microsoft’s announcement has seen their cloud prices rising by 9% more than their on-premise solutions. Mr Cornford has said this could be due to the cloud being more low-cost model.

“Cloud is quite a low-cost model so to make a difference you need to increase it quite a bit. It doesn’t surprise me that one outstrips the other” he explained.

To conclude, for business customers the changes will not affect any existing orders under annuity volume licensing agreements for the products that are subject to price protection. Although the prices for the new product additions under such volume licensing agreements and the purchases under new contracts will be as defined by the pricelist at the time of the order. The pricing change will not apply to consumer’s software or consumer cloud services.

Microsoft, just one of the casualties of Brexit and the dropping of the sterling.


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HPE are set to raise UK prices again

HPE are set to raise UK prices again

At the start of December, HPE could be ready to raise their UK prices again following the latest descent in the value of the pound. Multiple partners have heard that the prices might be rising on the 1st December 2016, although there has not been any formal communication been issued as of yet.

HPE Business Offices

Since the Brexit vote, the value of the pound has fallen several times. At the end of October, the £1 was worth $1.22, a 17.4% decrease in total since June.

Michael Cornford from Data Driven Systems has said the news of the possible HPE price increase “doesn’t surprise him”, since HPE raised their prices so soon after Brexit that they had “got their timing wrong and the pricing wrong”.

HPE have said “HPE, like any other international company, adjusts prices based on exchanges rates and currency fluctuations. After careful consideration of the business impact of a strong dollar against the pound sterling, we may decide to make adjustments to our pricing.”

Although HPE isn’t the only vendor which has implemented a UK price rise shortly after the Brexit vote. Dell had raised prices across the portfolio by 8% or 9% in July. As well as Lenovo raised its UK prices by 10% on 1st August, and Asus has told their customers to expect retail prices to rise by around 9% in October.

Apple has also recently announced that their prices are rising 20% for their UK customers. Finally, Microsoft have also announced an increase to its prices for their enterprise cloud services by 22% and their on-premise enterprise software by 13%, although this is due to come into force on 1st January 2017.


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HP buys Samsung’s printer business

HP the US computer giant has struck a deal with Samsung to take over their printer business (£750m).

HP have said “The acquisition would help to disrupt and reinvent the $55bn copier industry, a segment that hasn’t innovated in decades”.

HP are also buying big printer presences in Asia as well as Samsung’s laser printing technology and patents. This deal comes days after HP’s sister company had sold its software business to the rising UK tech champion Micro Focus.

hp inc logo

Dion Weisler, chief executive of HP Inc. has said “When we become a separate company just 10 months ago, it enabled us to become nimble and focus on accelerating growth and reinventing industries.”

“Copiers are outdated, complicated machines with dozens of replaceable parts requiring inefficient services and maintenance agreements” said HP Inc.

They have also added that customers were frequently getting frustrated with the broken copiers and the deal would help HP to invest in better technology.

The Samsung printer business made $1.4bn in revenue over the last year and this includes more than 6,500 printing patents as well as nearly 1,300 staff with expertise in laser printer technology.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

The cloud has put new demands on your business to make changes faster in order to compete effectively. As a business you have decisions to make every day, about how to balance the traditional IT responsibilities with cloud innovation. Although at the same time, your business may face an increase in security threats from the outside and within. Because of these reasons and more, businesses are starting to adopt cloud computing at different rates.

Windows Server 2016 is a cloud-reading Operating System which will be seen to support your current workloads while introducing you to new technologies which should make it easy to transition to the cloud computing when you are ready. It would look to help deliver powerful new layers of security along with azure-inspired innovation for the applications and the infrastructures that powers your business.

window server 2016 logo

Add layers of security

For IT Organisation, security is consistently rated as a top priority. There have been many companies in the news for security breaches and failing to protect their employees and customer’s personal information.

The operating system lives and works at the strategic layer in your environment, which makes it an ideal location to introduce the new capabilities for security and control.

Windows Server 2016 will give you the new capabilities to prevent attacks and detect any suspicious activity with features to control privilege access, protect the virtual machines and harden the platform against any enemy threats.

Evolve your infrastructure

The Windows Server 2016 delivers the capabilities to help you create a more flexible and cost-effective datacentre by using a software-defined compute, storage and network virtualisation features which are inspired by Azure.

Resilient compute

Run your datacentre with a highly automated resilient, virtualised server operating system.

  • To reduce your datacentre footprint, increase the availability and reduce the resources usage with “just enough OS” by using the Nano Server deployment option, which has an image that is 25x smaller than Windows Server 2016 with the full desktop experience.
  • Upgrade the infrastructure clusters to Windows Server 2016 with zero downtime for your workload and without needing to require new hardware, using the mixed-mode cluster upgrade.
  • Increase the application availability with the improved cluster resiliency to short-termed failures in the network and storage.
  • Automated server management with the PowerShell 5.0 and desired state configuration.
  • Be able to manage the Windows Servers from anywhere using the new web-based GUI – the Server management tools – which are especially useful for managing the headless deployment of options such as Nano Server.
  • You can deploy applications on the multiple operating systems with the best-in-class support for Linux on the Hyper-V.


Reduce cost storage

Windows Server 2016 will include expanded capabilities in the software-defined storage with an emphasis on resilience, reduced the costs and increased the control.

  • Build a highly available and scalable software-defined storage solution which is at a fraction of the cost for the SAN or NAS. The storage spaces direct use the standard servers with local storage to create converged or hyper-converged storage architectures.
  • To create affordable business continuity and the disaster recovery among datacentres with a storage replica synchronous storage replication.
  • Ensure that the application users have priority access to the storage resources by using the quality-of-services features.

windows azure logo

Cloud-inspired networking

The Windows Server 2016 delivers key networking features which are used in the Azure datacentres to help support the agility and availability in your datacentre.

  • Be able to deploy and manage the workloads across their entire lifecycle with the hundreds of networking policy (for example; isolations, Qos, security, switching, routing, DNS, load balancing, gateway, etc.) in a matter of a few seconds using the scalable network controller.
  • Dynamically segment your businesses network based on the workload needs to be using a distributed firewall and network security groups, to apply rich policies within and across the segments. Layer enforcement by routing the traffic to virtualised firewall appliances for an even greater levels of security.
  • Take control of your hybrid workloads, which includes running them in containers and then moving them across server, racks, and clouds by using standard-based VXLAN and NVGRE overlay networks and the multi-tenanted hybrid gateways.
  • You can optimise your cost/performance ratio when you converge RDMA and the tenant traffic on the same teamed NICs, will drive down the cost while providing the performance at 40G and beyond.

windows server containers

Support applications innovation

Windows Server 2016 will deliver new ways to deploy and run your applications, whether it is on the premises or in the Microsoft Azure by using capabilities such as Windows containers and the light weight Nano Server deployment option.

windows server 16 editions

Windows Server 2016 editions

  • Windows Server 2016 Datacentre – This is for the highly virtualised datacentre and the cloud environments.
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard – This edition is for physical or minimally virtualised environments.
  • Windows Server 2016 Essentials – This edition will be for the small businesses with up to 25 users and about 50 devices.

Azure Hybrid use benefit

When your company is ready to make the transition with your workload to the public cloud, you will be able to leverage your existing investment in the Windows Server.

The Azure Hybrid use benefit will let you bring your on-premises Windows server licence with software assurance to Azure. Rather than paying full price for a new Windows Server virtual machine, you will only be paying the base compute rate.

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HPE MSA 2042

HPE MSA 2042

HPE is already the industry’s leading entry SAN array in both market share and performance, the new HPE MSA 2042 comes with a built-in flash acceleration and enterprise data services right out of the box.
HPE logo

The natural affinity of the HPE MSA storage and HPE ProLiant Servers have helped HPE to consistently remain at the front of the entry storage pack.

HPE MSA 2042 is the newest member of the family, it takes the HPE MSA 2040 and builds in two 400GB SSDs, also includes the new Advanced Data Services Suite with the following capabilities:

  • Provides support for 512 snapshots
  • It has remote snapshot replication
  • Performance Tiering capability

The last feature on the list is really interesting. Performance Tiering is now included at no extras charge; this means that you can use the system’s built-in flash capacity not only for Read Caching but also for general application acceleration – without having to spend another penny. Including the two SSDs plus all of these other software features, MSA customers are saving an extraordinary 54% with this new model.

HPE MSA 2042 flash storage

Advanced Data services is another thing to keep in mind, as this is in addition to all the other advanced storage virtualisation features which are offered by the MSA this includes SSD Read Caching, thin provisioning, wide striping, large pool support and redirect-on-write snapshots.

Read cache vs. Performance Tiering

To get some hard data, HPE had Demartek lab test the MSA 2042 against the same configuration although without the built-in flash and here are the results of the testing:Demarktek results chart for HPE MSA 2042

  • Performance Tiering Results for MSA 2042:Database transactions per second: +60%
    • Latency: 11x improvement
    • Throughput: 4.6x improvement
    • IOPS: 4.5x improvement


  • Read Caching Results for MSA 2042:
    • Database transactions per second: +35%
    • Latency: 4.5x improvement
    • Throughput: 2.5x improvement
    • IOPS: 3x improvement


You need to keep in mind that these numbers for Read Caching and Performance Tiering are comparing the MSA 2042 against the same system although without the 800GB of flash which now comes standard.

Since using the SSD capacity for the read caching which mainly accelerates application reads, most customers will probably find that enabling the performance Tiering on the new MSA 2042 array returns the best performance results, although of course there might be some very read-intensive work loads which is when read caching is the way to go.

Most important thing to remember is that with both options and the flash now standard you have a choice for accelerating your apps which are based on the workload patterns without being limited by the software which you have installed.

To conclude, it is important to remember that in addition to the new MSA 2042, the new inclusive software pricing also gives the existing HPE MSA 2040 customers the option to add SSD capacity and the Advance Data Services Software Suite to an existing system. This means you can achieve the same performance levels on the MSA 2042 for 40% less than what it would have cost previously. Remember not only do you get two choices for accelerating application workloads, also the existing MSA customers can benefit from what the little flash can do!

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HP to release: HP Elite x3

HP to release: HP Elite x3

HP are pleased to announce the availability of the HP Elite x3 with Windows 10 mobile. It is an evolution in the world of mobile computing to address an evolution in the workplace.

hp logo

The definition of workplace has changed for many employees. It is no longer an office to where you commute too everyday but wherever you happen to be. Employees want the technology to be simple to use, which will let them do their best work from almost any location.

“There is a massive shift towards mobility in the workplace and the convergence of mobility and computing will accelerate business productivity, work is less of a place that you go to and more of a thing that you do anywhere and anytime.” Said Dion Weisler, president and CEO for HP Inc.

 “HP is reinventing mobility so our customers can keep reinventing how they operate, ideate and create what matters to them.”

HP Elite x3 is the world’s first 3-in-1 handheld device which has been built for business, that combines the power and productivity of a PC, the capabilities of a premium smartphone and the portability of a tablet. This is one device which covers it all.hp elite x3

“The Elite x3 is something grander than a mobile phone or a tablet this is the next generation of computing designed specifically for business. This is the future of computing.” Explained by Dion Weisler.

The HP Elite x3 and Windows continuum, means mobile professionals like sales reps can stay away from the hassle of switching devices. They can start a task on the go and then finish the task once they are back at their desks without having to save, sync or restart.

“We think that the Elite x3 is the next generation of what computing will be because in the world we live in everyone is mobile, it’s a working device for the needs of the commercial business users and it takes the ability to move from business level PC performance to mobile base productivity in a way that has never been done before because this is not just a phone it’s really a next generation computing device.” Said by Michael Park, Vice President for commercial mobility and software at HP Inc.

You can dock your HP Elite x3, so that you can work with a larger display, keyboard and a mouse for your convenience.hp elite x3

“You have got the power of the PC literally in your pocket and with the accessories we have designed, you can bring it to any place that you work in the office in the desktop world, with a laptop in a mobile environment with all the flexibility of having everything you need from one device and that’s great for the end user, it’s also great for IT. We think the Elite x3 is going to transform the way lots of people working.” Explained by Michael Park.

For an IT business, like ServerLink, the HP Elite x3 offers a windows alternative that spans across desktop and mobile employees, and leverages the It’s familiarity with Microsoft technology. Deployed to all or a section of employees, this is a solution that can reduce the device and operating system footprint to gain better return on the IT investment.

The HP Elite x3 incorporates enterprises grade on three different levels:

  1. Qualcomm security layer from the silicon up
  2. Microsoft security at the operating system level
  3. Dual bio metrics which is Iris scanner and fingerprint reader

Unlike the common smartphones, the HP Elite x3 was built for business and is engineered to endure. HP Elite x3 is water resistant and dust resistant. With its dual SIM for option of a roaming SIM for when you are traveling. The processor in the HP Elite x3 is the Qualcomm Snap dragon 820 (2.15gb, 4 cores).

“Business users are constantly on the move and they need their mobile devices to keep up and handle the work load, rather than slowing them down and since they are pushing their devices hard they need something much more power efficient so that they will last as long as they do. Snap dragon 820 is ideal for business users because it addresses the security and the usability expectations of the enterprise.” Explained by Steve Mallenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm Inc.snapdragon processor from qualcomm

“We have a strong relationship with HP that’s the result of many years of working together to provide the best possible performance and experience for their user’s collaboration on the HP Elite x3 is more of a manifestation of shared vision of bringing PC like performance and experience to HP’s mobile consumer.”

The HP Elite x3 has seamless productivity, when it is docked it uses Microsoft continuum to be able to enable your employees to start a task on the go and then to finish it once they are at their desk without saving, syncing or restarting and you will be able to work with a larger display, keyboard and mouse. It removes all the problems of switching between devices.

Using the HP Elite x3 you can virtualise business critical windows x64 and x86 apps which you can rely on to get the job completed. A service from HP which is available, offers IT Companies like ServerLink, an easy alternative for deploying and managing corporate licensed apps and which includes analytics.

“HP and Microsoft work together every day to delight customers around the world with HP’s incredible hardware and Windows 10. The new HP Elite x3 brings to life a vision for the future of computing where continuum enables true mobility of experience in your phone can give the full power of your PC when you dock to that larger screen you are fully productive with continuum as part of Windows 10 on the HP Elite x3 together HP and Microsoft are really building Windows 10 for business offering our customers security and manageability power performance everything they need to run their business. We are so excited and proud to now have the HP Elite x3 as part of our productivity.”   Discussed by Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President at Microsoft.

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HP adds four-socket servers to Gen9 line-up



The Gen9 line-up has been freshened up by HP by adding to the range the ProLiant DL580, four socket (4S) enterprise-standard x86.  The DL580 range offers breakthrough performance, rock-solid reliability, and compelling consolidation and manageability efficiencies.


It is ideal for mission-critical enterprise, business intelligence, and database applications. Good Security, data protection and resiliency features make it even more attractive for businesses that want servers they can depend on completely.  With Intel Xeon E7-4800/880 v3 processors the HP DL580 Gen9 offers the very best x86 performance, up to 6TBs of memory, greater IO bandwidth (9 PCIe Gen3.0 slots) and 12 Gb/s SAS Speeds.



What’s new

  • Eliminate infrastructure complexity with HP OneView 1.10. Now available on all HP ProLiant DL Gen8 Servers!


Breakthrough Performance and Scalability

The HP ProLiant DL580 Gen8 Server provides up to 2x processor performance and 50% more cores with Intel Xeon E7-4800 v2 processors than the previous generation.
Allows you to implement large-scale in-memory computing and virtualization with more memory slots (96 DIMMs).
Supports more PCIe flash storage or co-processor cores to boost performance with greater I/O bandwidth: 9 PCIe Gen3 slots including 5 x16 FL/FH slots.
Increases SSD performance with 12 Gbps HP Smart Array SAS Controllers and greater internal storage capacity for faster access to more data.


Leading Availability and Reliability

The HP ProLiant DL580 Gen8 Server provides increased system availability and less need for service with enhanced error recovery, improved error diagnosis, and built-in redundancy.
Improves reliability and data protection with HP Smart Array Controllers featuring 4 G cache, Advanced Data Mirroring, and HP SmartDrive technology.
Increases security with support for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) mode, Secure Boot, HP Secure Encryption, and Intel Secure Key.
HP Proactive Care Services integrates uptime and productivity into a personalized, simplified support experience.

Compelling Efficiencies with Intelligent Manageability and Scale-up Consolidation

The HP ProLiant DL580 Gen8 Server provides total cost of ownership savings with scale-up consolidation efficiencies and software licensing cost savings.
Faster, lower-cost infrastructure management and a single integrated view of your IT infrastructure with HP OneView.
Provides up to 3x faster administrative updates with 93% less downtime and 69% less operator time through industry-leading maintenance tools with HP Smart Update Manager (SUM).
Comprehensive embedded manageability with HP iLO 4, HP Agentless Management, HP Active Health System, HP Intelligent Provisioning, and HP Embedded Remote Support.
User-inspired features such as FlexibleLOM for a choice in networking, front access processor/memory drawer for ease of serviceability, and QR code for quick access to product information.


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Hotplugs UK & The SiiPod Epic Adventures!

It’s not everyday you find someone dragging 150kg’s of something that looks like a funny shaped shoe.  Sii was first spotted in Kent near the very beginning of his adventure of walking around the world with his “SiiPod creation”.  But what is it?  What does it contain?  Does he sleep inside?  Well it turns out one of guys from Hotplugs actually knows him from University.  Small world!   A few days later I had a chance to meet Sii on his way down to Dover.  His travelling plans were intriguing.  Walking across Europe and then Asia whilst camping and busking at various points?  Crazy!  At the same time quite inspirational.


The “SiiPod” does contain a didgeridoo, I will tell you that much… Everything else you find out through the SiiPod Facebook page where you can track Sii’s progress and see pictures, videos etc of his epic adventure.  We wish him the very best of luck and look forward to the updates.  If you would like to get involved with donations there is a link below.  Invite some of your friends to Facebook page and check out the updates!

sii pod1


*From SiiPod Facebook page…

My name is Sii. I have a dream, a vision that is not only limited to me but I hope can give other people the inspiration and drive to pursue their dreams.

See full details on Si’s Facebook pagesiiblog2



With video footage and still images I will be documenting my journey beginning in England and heading east across Europe and after many thousands of kilometers south into Asia.

Click on the link below to see how far Sii has got in his travels:




I have built a fiberglass Capsule that I’ve named “The SiiPod “; it will hold all my belongings that i need for this expedition such as camping and filming equipment, my didgeridoos, clothes, food, water I made this completely from scratch as there is nothing like it until now.

So i ask you, if you’re able to assist me, by offering a small donation to help fund the equipment needed, transport getting the SiiPod and I over there and production/editing of the documented videos?

Please click on the link below to donate money for this adventure:





Please click on the photo below to go to the hotplugs website: